Media buying (paid media campaigns) is the process of Research and Planning, Setting Objectives, media planning, Budgeting, Ad Placement choice, Ad Creation and Production, Tracking and Analysis, Optimization, Reporting and Post-Campaign Analysis that aims to reach a target audiences via sponsored ads that run across multiple networks including but not limited to Google Search, Google Display, Social media ads (Instagram, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.), Display ads, Video ads, 3rd party ad platforms, retargeting platforms and more. At WONE, these campaigns are mostly performance-focused. We focus on creating custom-built campaigns to ensure high traffic and customer acquisition at optimal ROAS, CPAS and Conversion rates. Several KPIs can be defined and achieved through these campaigns from traffic-centric KPIs such as impressions, clicks, views, downloads, etc. to Site-centric KPIs such as Sales, Cost per sale, in-app conversions, Leads, Lifetime Value, CAC, Revenue, AOV, average revenue per user, etc.
WONE SEA experts strategize, structure and optimize your Google Search ads for a successful digital advertising campaign. Central to this effort is the Quality Score, a metric gauging ad relevance, click-through rate (CTR), and landing page experience.  By optimizing your QS, we enhance your value chain (keyword, ad to landing page) and ensure you dominate the absolute top-of-page results on Google Search pages while paying the lowest Cost per Click (CPC) possible. We elevate your Quality Score, refine ad copy to align with targeted keywords, enhance ad extensions, and craft compelling landing pages. We also audit and improve the user experience, ensuring seamless navigation and relevant content. Your dedicated account manager regularly monitors and adjusts the media strategy, budget allocation, keywords and ads to maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic landscape of digital advertising, specifically SEA.

Search ads

Display ads

After identifying your target audience, market, budgets and KPIs, our team tailors a strong and effective Display campaign that will run across the most relevant websites your audience browses through the most. Optimizing banner ads is pivotal for a compelling online presence. We focus on design elements, ensuring visually appealing and cohesive creatives that align with your brand while AB testing several versions of visual identities. Our AB tests are mathematical and help build unique learning curves that lead to better digital outcomes. Strategic placement on relevant websites enhances visibility and engagement, they are therefore central in our day-to-day optimizations. We include and exclude new websites as part of our placement optimizations. Our dedicated team regularly analyzes performance metrics, adjusting strategies to boost click-through rates and conversions. Through meticulous optimization, display ads become a powerful tool for brand awareness, and conversions but also driving meaningful interactions and fostering brand recognition.
YouTube boasts staggering statistics, with billions of users consuming billions of hours of video content daily, making it a powerhouse for online engagement and brand visibility. From TrueView ads, bumper, display, discovery, masthead ads, and more. The variety of Video ads caters to diverse marketing needs and user preferences. At WONE, we will ensure your audience is carefully selected while your video content remains highly engaging. We optimize your YouTube ad strategy by writing compelling, concise messages that resonate with your target audience. We ensure you utilize eye-catching visuals and strategic placements to captivate viewers and encourage interaction. We also leverage YouTube’s targeting options to reach specific demographics, we incorporate compelling calls to action to drive desired user engagement and results. Regularly analyze performance metrics such as view rates and click-through rates, engagement rate. With daily thorough optimizations, YouTube ads become a powerfully built tool for brand storytelling, reaching and resonating with audiences in the ever-expanding digital video landscape. Conversions can also be expected from this channel which has become more and more transactional over the course of time.

YouTube & Video ads

Lead Generation

Custom-built digital marketing campaigns when executed by professionals represent a powerhouse for lead generation, revolutionizing how businesses connect with potential customers. Through strategic lead gen ads that run on Google Search, LinkedIn, Instagram and more powered by strong content marketing, social media engagement, and search engine optimization, Lead Gen becomes a robust source to capture the leads and nurture them. Lookalike audiences are also created from 1st party data to ensure optimal use of data. Compelling landing pages and targeted email campaigns further enhance conversion rates, transforming interested prospects into valuable contacts with a higher retention rate. With our Real-Time Tracking sheets as well as analytics tools providing real-time insights, we are able to refine media strategies, ensuring a continuous flow of high-quality leads. Note that the most successful lead generation campaigns we have built had one secret ingredient…our team working hand in hand with you.
For our retail clients who desire to build awareness around their in-store activations, increase engagement and bring footfall to a physical location, Digital marketing campaigns are the best choice. These campaigns serve as a dynamic catalyst for driving in-store footfall, seamlessly bridging the online and offline channels. Through localized online campaigns, we can target specific geographic areas, creating hyper-targeted promotions and incentives. Utilizing platforms like Google My Business, local SEO optimization, and geo-targeted ads, digital strategies to amplify visibility for nearby customers. We do make use of engaging content on social media and email campaigns to entice potential customers to visit physical stores. Real-time analytics and location-based technologies further refine our efforts, ensuring precision in attracting foot traffic. By leveraging the power of digital marketing, our clients are able to unlock a pathway to streamlined in-store visibility, customer engagement, and ultimately, increased sales.

In-Store activations


Optimizing media buying at WONE represents most of the time an account manager would spend on your ad accounts. Optimizations remain a pillar to ensure getting closer to achieving your goals. Many clients or agencies underestimate this essential part and do not spend enough time on it. Optimizing your media strategy, budget allocation, keyword, audience, ad, copy, landing, device, UX/UI, etc. helps maximize return on investment, reach new relevant audiences, improve your user experience, and more. It also allows a faster adaptation to market changes, making data-driven decisions, enhancing brand visibility, staying competitive, and adapting to customer feedback.