Content creation in this section encompasses Graphic design as well as photography and videography. This process is pivotal for engaging and connecting with audiences. It establishes a brand’s voice, communicates values, and builds trust. Quality content, whether in the form of articles, videos, or social media posts, not only attracts attention but also educates, entertains, and fosters long-term relationships with consumers, influencing their decisions. At WONE, our team is fully in-house, based on your content needs we can shoot, design and video produce any asset you may need across all verticals including but not limited to F&B, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Corporate Services. Etc.
Graphic and motion design play significant roles in shaping your brand’s visual identity and communication strategy. Graphic design, through logos, color schemes, and visual elements, creates a memorable and cohesive brand image. It establishes a consistent look across various platforms, fostering recognition and trust. At WONE, we build static assets as well as Motion design, including animations and videos to add dynamic elements that captivate and engage your audiences. This type of content is highly engaging and breathes life into storytelling, conveying complex messages in a compelling manner. Together, graphic and motion design amplify brand presence, evoke emotions and leave a lasting impact on consumers.


Photo & Videography

Photo and videography are equally important if not more to humanize your brand, and capture and convey stories, emotions, and moments. Photography freezes a single moment in time, immortalizing the essence of an event, person, or place while Videography, on the other hand, adds the dimension of motion, allowing for a more immersive experience. Both mediums are indispensable in today’s digital age, from personal memories to professional marketing. They evoke emotions, provide insight, and leave a lasting impact. At WONE, we build tailored Moodboards, and we plan and organize the whole process of Photography, Videography and Post Production.